How to get free clothes every day with zero money spending?

If you are passionate about fashion but can not afford fast-changing trends, this article is for you.

If you are looking for free clothes that look fashionable too, you need to read our article till the end.

 Try to use these quick tips: 

Try to define your favorite color palette and create a capsule wardrobe. Finding mix-match pieces will help you to save a lot of money and, most important, time. Coordinating essentials gives way more perspective on the already existing wardrobe. 

Sell your used clothes.

First, to have free clothes, you will need to get rid of your old clothes. , so I advise you to sell the unwanted clothes that you no longer wear. You can use one of these apps (, eBay, to sell your old clothes.

Online second-hand stores will evaluate, photograph, and help to sell your clothes, even sometimes with free shipping by a small commission. You can make extra money on something you never use.

buy Second-hand clothes

Buying pre-owned clothes is eco-friendly, cheaper, more unique. You can find clothes that were missed because they were already sold out with 90% of their retail price.

Share clothes with your friends. 

Don’t buy clothes occasionally, borrowing and exchanging clothes with friends can make that variety. 

You can even organize a party where everybody brings unwanted items and can take anything they like from it. 

#use rental apps. Many of them work for subscriptions or day rental. It’s the best solution to wear trendy clothes that you want without paying a fortune to follow them. 

Style doesn’t mean brands. 

Try to search for a value that goes beyond the logo. Although the shape and materials of high-end brands are better, the biggest portion of the price of it, you are paying for the prestige and marketing of the brand. 

Extra tip: organize your wardrobe. 

Before you start applying what we said, you need to organize your wardrobe. that will help to track what you already have and use them all.

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