Best food in the world – The top 10 countries

If you are a food lover, write down countries with the best food in the world and dare to discover the planet through its cuisine. Here you will discover why these countries are considered nations with the best food in the world and their typical dishes and iconic Drinks.

The countries with the best food in the world

Lebanese food is considered to be the most extensive and varied cuisine among the Arab cuisines. Lebanese food combines Phoenician influences with Arab dishes and with a French touch.

If the French have something, it is that where they have gone, they eat better. And you usually eat bread. Without a doubt, these influences Lebanon rank in one of the countries with the best food in the world.

Never offend a Mexican chef because he has the ability to put your palate to sleep with chili peppers until you painfully beg for more water.

However, the Mexican trend towards spicy (according to them, spicy) does not imply that they try to compensate for the fact that their cuisine is limited or poor.

On the contrary, the preponderance of the Tex Mex variety of tacos and fajitas on the international scene does not do justice to the diversity of the country’s regional cuisines.

Mayan, Aztec, and Spanish influences sought creativity is purely American ingredients such as cocoa, avocado, or tomato. 

The next position on the list of the best food in the world is from Vietnam. Its cuisine is known for its widespread use of fish sauce, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce (its smell provides a unique character to the kitchen).

The recipes for dishes from Vietnam use many vegetables, herbs, and spices. Some of them like lemongrass, lime, and kaffir lime leaves.

Across all regions, the emphasis is always on serving fresh food. Spicier in the south than in the north, the balance of this cuisine, considered one of the best foods in the world, is found in the former imperial capital of Hue, famous for a king of exquisite tastes who revolutionized cuisine in the 19th century with his cooking style that could be defined as oriental tapas.

Small and meticulous, the Japanese have brought their taste for efficiency to the extermination of all the marine fauna of the Pacific Ocean.

Something good comes from this passion for the sea (not in vain is the Japanese, the largest consumer of fish per capita in the world ) since all the excesses in fishing turn into pampering to the fish once it is in the kitchen. We assure you that its fresh seafood places China in third place on our list of the best food in the world.

As if that were not enough, the Kobe beef is one of the best breeds of cattle that you can have the pleasure of tasting. Japanese sides vary, but sake, soy, ginger, wasabi, sugar, and vinegar predominate. Healthy and nutritious, Japanese cuisine hits very hard. And who would dare to doubt that Japan is one of the countries with the best food in the world?

The icy Humboldt current reaching the coast of Peru is not good news for beachgoers, but it is good news for our stomachs. The cold water gives an intense flavor to the seafood and fish that is the main of Peruvian cuisine, and perhaps the product that places it in one of the best meals in the world. But as chef Gastón Acurio has shown, Peruvian cuisine is much more than ceviche and tiraditos. The new gourmet revolution uses its own Spanish ingredients and influences to become one of the world’s best foods. Did you know that Peru is home to over 3,000 potato varieties?

If you can’t boast about having your mom at home, making homemade tortillas, you can at least relieve yourself with this Italian food. It is one of the best foods in the world. In any corner, you can find a restaurant with an elegant tablecloth, candles, and a serenade on the radio. Although almost pasta, Italian cuisine is far from limited. Marvels are done in this country with rice, meat, and seafood.

There is a danger in Indian food. You can lose your sense of taste thanks to a chef who loves spices. But don’t forget this detail: the best are places with many diners because it guarantees the freshness of the ingredients”. In India, you can have your lifetime food experience. Indian cuisine is not unique, it covers an entire subcontinent, so there is so much variety that it would take you weeks to try it.

China is also on the list of countries that have the greatest food in the world. It may be because of the number of Chinese in their country, but the Chinese are going to eat anything that moves. And that’s good because they’ve experienced all the flavors and textures, so you don’t have to, and you can taste the tastiest. Do you want spicy food? Try Sichuan food. Would you like a variety of small dishes? Cantonese food was designed for you. Would you like some fried scorpions? We are not judging, and you can also have them on the streets of Beijing.

With countless regional dishes, China is not the nation that has the best food in the world yet, but everything indicates that it is in a few years.

This place of the best cuisine in the world is taken up by France. They say the French are arrogant, but they have a good reason for being arrogant: their spectacular cooking. With a healthy combination of vegetables, green vegetables, meat, fish, and fruit, the French took the Mediterranean food and brought it to a spectacular level. It is no surprise that the Michelin Guide has always rewarded more French restaurants with its stars than anywhere else in the world. And this is because France is one of the countries with the best food in the world.

Spanish cuisine had been promised for centuries, but it had served as a cousin of French cuisine. This has already changed, and Spanish cuisine has taken its own shape, overtaking French cuisine in originality and variety. Actually, this is considered the best food in the world. Being the third country in the world in terms of Michelin stars, its culinary potential was fully proven after hosting the best restaurant in the world for years, according to the most expert chefs: “El Bulli”. With desirable regional cuisine and unique flavors, Spanish cuisine has recently begun to spread all over the world, but you can still find a good tapas restaurant in any foreign city.

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