8 US Cosmetic Brands You Should Have in your Makeup Bag.

Source: Laura Jane Atelier

It seems that for a long time you can’t be satisfied by any of the current skincare and beauty products in the market. Although there are many beauty brands that are not very famous to us because they are available only for the American market not the international market. I have chosen several of these brands to tell you about today. They really changed the usual routine of personal care. The surprise is that you can get these products to your doorstep from Amazon. Just choose the product you like and order it now. 

Herbivore Botanicals 

Herbivore Botanicals is a young grooming brand founded by a Seattle couple with strong moral beliefs. The brand’s products are created from natural ingredients and sold in biodegradable packaging. The collection includes oils for face and body, masks for any occasion, multifunctional sprays, cosmetics for men, and much more. If you care about your beauty give a look at the brand’s products.

Order Herbivore Botanicals’ products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie Makeup is one of the greatest US brands. It has recognizable packaging nostalgic of takeaway desserts from your favorite coffee shop, fabulous formulas, and lovely shades. Most of all, perhaps, the brand became famous for its liquid lipsticks, which will conquer any coffee taste. However, the brand’s success does not stop there. in the collection, you can find long-lasting eyeshadow which is called EyesCream, an artistic glitter gel, and shiny highlighters in cans.

Order Beauty Bakerie’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.


Rodin cosmetics were clearly created for you as a treat to pamper yourself with a premium product for a special occasion. The price is above the average prices of similar products, but with no doubt, it can not compare with any other product. you should have at least one of it as per the customer reviews for the product on Amazon. Rodin was founded by the 60s style icon, model, and stylist Linda Rodin, who, in her 70s, continues to inspire countless people around the world. The brand’s collection includes numerous oils for various purposes and bright lipsticks that the creator herself adores.

Order Rodin’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup is an indie brand that relies on makeup for fun and joy. The brand is owned by the popular Milk magazine, which is one of the expert publishers on fashion, culture, and entertainment. Milk Makeup products have already gained an army of fans, which is not surprising because of the combination of vegan ingredients, futuristic packaging, and versatility of products that the brand always provides to its customers. its products are always the favorite choice for all beauty influencers especially multifunctional lip and cheek products, a rainbow stick highlighter, long-lasting pigments, highlighter eyeliner, and more.

Order Milk Makeup’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

Elizabeth Mott

The New York brand name Elizabeth Mott is of my strong recommended brands. The founder of the brand is still driven by the goal of creating cosmetics to match the fast-paced life in the metropolis. Without a doubt, she succeeded to create the products with ironic inscriptions turned out to be really fun . it is extremely high quality product , and requires a minimum effort to use.

Order Elizabeth Mott’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.


 The famous Fresh lip balm is perhaps the best alternative to your current lipstick. the brand has cute scrubs and body oils, time-tested masks for all skin types, and even perfumes in laconic bottles – all made from natural ingredients. if you don’t give it a try, I am sure you will miss a lot.

Order Fresh’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

Mario Badescu

 In 1967, chemist and cosmetologist Mario Badescu opened his first beauty salon in New York: his cosmetics quickly became popular due to their effectiveness and transparent composition. After 50 years, the brand’s products have practically not changed. the same bottle design and effective components that do their job. Most of the brand’s collection is dedicated to the care of face and body skin of all types – from very dry and acne-prone to sensitive skin.

Order Mario Badescu’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

French Girl Organics

Another brand whose products clearly bless customers for eternal indulgence, although a bit of regularity in the routine of personal care, has not bothered anyone yet. The brand’s cosmetics have combined vegan ingredients and elegant design. they have even won Emma Watson’s acclaim. Of course, the image of a mysterious Frenchwoman is attached to all the means of the brand – the creator of the brand, Christine Griffin Grimes, owes the brand’s inspiration to her French roots and her love of growing herbs and flowers.

Order French Girl’s products and it will be delivered to you Doorstep.

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