1 EURO HOUSE, where you can buy it all over Italy.

In Italy, there are 6 thousand small municipalities at risk of depopulation. Ideal places to go and live Even working thanks to smart working.


The coronavirus is boosting the “1 EURO HOUSE” project. Every day there is new municipalities support this proposal. In Italy, 6,000 villages are in danger of being abandoned. With the growth in Homeworking, moving to a small city can become very practical.

In Cianciana, a village in the province of Agrigento, people speak English instead of Sicilian. As in several abandoned villages in Sicily, the region is ahead of everything in Italy in encouraging policies for repopulation with the sale of houses at 1 euro. However, for some time now, it is not just the villages that have followed this line.

House at 1 euro

Cities do mini-sales too. Up to now, the offer for “1 EURO HOUSE” has been concentrated in small towns. They bring back life at historical places in Italy, but Taranto expanded the proposal’s scope by creating a critical precedent. The Municipality has 1300 flats in the old town. The Municipality puts the first three buildings at auction in an area called The Island for 1 euro. The Island is in the heart of the abandoned historic center of Taranto. With the “1 EURO HOUSE” initiative, the Municipality plans to bring back 25 thousand residents. As it is also found in various villages all over the mainland.


From North to South, Italy is full of beautiful villages. Each village has its own charming art, history, and savor delicious foods. You must visit each village to rediscover the ancient traditions and find this spirit of sharing that makes it a unique heritage in the world.

Many Italian municipalities are developing an initiative that provides abandoned houses for listing for one euro. All the houses are in bad condition and need to be restored. The initiative is to reduce the number of abandoned houses and to boost the local economy.


An initiative that, day after day, has spread more and more, finding considerable success in some cases. It happened to Sambuca but this time in Agrigento, a jewel of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by nature. In recent months, as many as 16 houses in starting price of 1 euro. The initiative immediately met with incredible success, thanks also to the reportage on the village broadcast on the tourism channel of the US television station CNN. Over 100 thousand emails and phone calls were received by the municipal administration from potential buyers worldwide.

The auction ended at the beginning of April 2019. On 8 May, the 49 envelopes with individual offers from all over the world were opened. The new owners will have a maximum period of three years to renovate the buildings, as established by the tender. 

And that’s not all: the project has generated a virtuous circle thanks to which 50 other properties belonging to private citizens have already been sold to foreign buyers. The Sambuca case and the “Case a 1 euro” initiative will become an international television program on Discovery TV Channel. The channel has decided to buy a house that will be transformed into a program dedicated to the Sicilian Municipality.

But Sambuca has not only attracted the interest of CNN and Discovery Channel. A strong television network of the Island of Taiwan has sent some journalists to the Sicilian village to tell the 1 EURO HOUSE’ initiative.

The video in which the CBS THIS MORNING talks about homes in sicily.


The project concerns ancient houses, sometimes abandoned, or which the owners give up because they cannot renovate them or simply because they live elsewhere. That is why once there is a buyer, The Municipality offers the buyers in times ranging from six months to two years to restructure them at their own expense.

In any case, the regulation varies from Municipality to another. Some villages offer 1 EURO HOUSE, and then there are municipalities, as in the case of Sambuca, which organizes an auction. 


Once you decide to buy the 1 euro house, you must plan for the house’s renovation, pay the notary fees for registration, transfer, and stacking. After, you can start the work from the moment of getting all permissions.


Among the other countries that have carried out the “One euro houses” initiative, there are also Gangi in Palermo, where the project has been incredibly successful. Over 100 houses have been assigned to the symbolic amount of one euro in Gangi. Mussomeli, in Caltanissetta, where there are currently 100 houses for 1 euro sold and the renovation work has already started.

Cecilia Solari, an Argentine lady, decided to move to Mussomeli. She says, “in the Sicilian village, she found the warmth she was missing, the important things in life”. And it is in Mussomeli that she will create the laboratory in which to make her jewels.

In Pizzone, 350 inhabitants, near Isernia, the initiative took on a cultural implication: the announcement was, in fact, intended only for writers. Again, the selected writer must commit to renovating the property within one year of purchase. Houses at 1 euro are available in Zungoli, in the province of Avellino, and in Cantiano, in Pesaro Urbino.

And again: in Montieri, in Tuscany, in the middle of real forest with oaks, beeches, and chestnuts, the municipality play the role of a favorable intermediary between the owner of the property and the buyer who decides to buy it then fix it. These are dilapidated houses, often abandoned, in the name of non-residents in Montieri who may have received it as an inheritance. The Municipality facilitates the transaction, but asks those who buy a specific condition: to renovate the apartment within the next three years from the sale date. A similar mechanism is applied in Nulvi, where the 1 euro houses have been assigned through a public tender. 

In Tuscany, the Municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli, a small village in Garfagnana, has joined the 1 Euro Case initiative: forty buildings have been renovated. An opportunity seized near Vetriceto, where a large farmhouse abandoned for over 40 years, was sold for a hundred cents. In Borgomezzavalle, about twenty minutes from Domodossola, new residents arrived from neighboring regions in Piedmont, attracted by the possibility of purchase for 1 euro.

In the province of Alessandria, in Carrega Ligure, on the other hand, thanks to the “Case ad 1 Euro” initiative, four thousand renovation projects were presented. The Municipality considers it a success even if none has yet been completed buying and selling.


Among the last municipalities, in order of time, to have joined the “Houses for 1 euro” project there are Patrica, a town of 3000 inhabitants in the province of Frosinone, in Lazio, Condrò, 486 inhabitants in Messina, in Sicily, and Biccari, in Foggia, in Puglia. 

Patrica is an ancient village in the Lupine Mountains. Here, as in about a thousand other Italian villages, there is a risk of abandonment and depopulation to escape urban centers. So the mayor has decided to put up for sale 38 properties in complete abandonment for 1 euro: obviously, those who buy will have to renovate and live in them. The Municipality ensures tax relief for three years and concrete support in implementing the necessary procedures for anyone decided to buy abondant house.

The same goal was carried out by the Condrò Municipal Council, which, by joining the project, intends to recover and enhance the charm of the ancient village on the slopes of the Peloritani Mountains.

A bet for the village’s future is also that of Biccari, 2,800 inhabitants in the territory of the Subappennino Dauno, between forests and natural areas. 

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