Cats, if you have them, you are rich

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There are more than 250 cats’ breeds, of which only 100 are recognized, and among those, only 20 are the most expensive in the world. And when we say that they are the most expensive breeds in the world, we mean it.

For all cat lovers, breeds always take a backseat. Still, cat lovers genuinely seek the best of the best and specialize in acquiring the best bloodlines within cat breeds.
If you are one of them or you want to become one of them, you have to check out these beauties of exotic specimens.

Peterbald – $ 1,200

Source: Catster

Commonly known as the Petersburg Sphinxes. Of Russian origin and created in 1994, these specimens have an elongated head, and their ears point to both sides. Their body may or may not be covered with a little hair. They are very loving, obedient, and friendly.

Himalayan cat – $ 1,300

Source: VetStreet

Coming from a Persian family, these cats were mutated in 1950 in the United States. They are generally delightful in character and are docile to humans.

Scottish cat – $ 1,500

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These cats became popular in the 1950s for their little ‘genetic bug’ that ended up being adorable; their ears point downward. These felines’ unique feature is that they can walk on their hind legs to achieve something of their interest. They are usually smart and playful.

Egyptian Mau – $ 1,500

Source: Lovetoknow

This looks like Egyptian wall paintings, but over 3000 years, they have been modified to remain with this genetic structure.

Maine Coon – $ 1,600

Source: Thecatvet

It is considered one of the largest cats in the world. Its weight can be between 5 and 15 kilos, and its height can be 1.23 meters.

Russian Blue – $ 2,000

Source: Petplace

Considered by Russians, the cat that brings good luck to the home. He was recognized in 1893.

La Perm (LaPerm) – $ 2,100

Source: Vetstreet

This breed appeared in 1980 in the United States, and its genetics encompasses a large number of shades in its curly coat. They are very friendly with children.

Serengetti – $ 2,200

Source: Petguide

This particular breed began in 1994. Its size is large and may weigh from 8 to 12 kg. it is strong, its ears are big, and its feet are long.

Elf Cat – $ 2,500

Source: mnscat

The breed is relatively young. It was founded in 2006 in the USA. They are clever, loyal, and friendly.

Norwegian Forest Cat – $ 3,000

Source: Catcute

The ancestors of this breed were raised by Vikings around 2,000 years ago. Its excess fur is designed exclusively for places where there are shallow temperatures. They are incredible specimens for hunting.

American Curl Cat – $ 3,000

Source: Nationwide Pet Insurance

Created in California, 1981. When they are newborn, they look like ordinary cats, but after 10 days, their ears roll back to take their final shape.

Bengal Cat – $ 4,000

Source: Figo Pet Insurance

While hard to believe, this cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a leopard from Asia. It weighs from 4 to 8 kilograms. They are among the few that like water.

Khao Manee – $10,000

Source: Culture Trip

In the old Siam, having a Khao Manee cat was considered a symbol of luck and longevity. It could only be owned by the wealthiest families. It is mentioned for the first time in the “book of cat poems” of 1350.

Caracal – $ 10,000 dollars

Source: Safaribookings

Considered one of the most beautiful cats globally, the Caracal is now in danger of extinction due to its difficulty creating them. Originally a wild species, today, it has been domesticated to preserve its lineage.

Savannah – $ 22,000

Source: TheHappyCatSite

It is now considered a domestic cat. It comes from the African Serval. They are currently considered the largest cats globally after reaching more than 60 centimeters in height. Their average weight is 15 kilos. They are calm, brilliant, and active.

Ashera – $ 100,000

Source: PriceyBuys

A cross between a domestic cat, the African jungle, and the Asian leopard has given rise to this new breed, causing a sensation.

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