Predictions of 2021 for you: this year you will make robot friends

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Some models seen at Ces 2021 showed the trend: robots will help the industry, but above all, they will be the new appliances to own, from the dishwasher to the nanny.

Three or four years ago, when robots with speakers and cameras started showing up in the stands of the CES in Las Vegas.
At the time, the idea of ​​having a conversation in this way seemed a rather odd thing. It’s amazing how familiar we are using digital media to maintain most of our human relationships. No matter how long the pandemic can last, it is clear that our relationship with robots will also accelerate with many changes. They were here before, but this crisis only boosts their presence.

MOFLIN | An AI Pet Robot with Emotional Capabilities by Vanguard Industries Inc. — Kickstarter
Moflin the hamster robot – Credit: Kickstarter

As is often the case in Japan, having a chat robot could seem strange to us. However, the great loneliness caused by COVID-19. Especially in those forced by the different lockdowns to live alone. they might think to adopt “Moflin”. It’s a sort of hi-tech hamster released on Kickstarter and a real star of this edition of the fair. “Moflin” is capable of loving its master through the use of sensors, artificial intelligence, and its moving and expressive head. From the land of the rising sun comes Qoobo, a “pillow with a tail”. It is called by its creators, capable of surprising the soul of young and old, and already introduced in Las Vegas in the prototype phase.

Robots belong to the world of characters inspired by the world of cinema and animation. Their pleasing appearance will further facilitate their entry into our homes. They promise to teach the children a certain level of emotional intelligence to possibly replace the imaginary friend and the nanny. All this can happen through an application that can be controlled by the parents.

Samsung Bot Handy robot butler pours wine does laundry - Business Insider
Samsung Bot Handy – Credit: Business Insider

What surprises us about the robots presented this year at CES is the degree of abilities of individual models, which until recently seemed to be the opportunity for research laboratories only. an example is Samsung’s Bot Handy, a sort of domestic robot which can pour wine into a glass, but also put dishes in the dishwasher thanks to artificial intelligence that makes the recognition and manipulation of objects more precise and faster. There is also the Dual Arm Robot System from the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Thanks to its seven axes and its real “human” arms with a lot of fingers to carry out complex actions such as playing the piano. Which will lead to the development of homes.

Before having the butler 4.0 expo, we will likely get used to seeing robots in action in public spaces. due to Covid-19, many companies will use robots for disinfection, such as the one that uses invisible rays, the latest addition to the Cloi family of LG or ID2 by Unipin, which from places like hospitals are continuously expanding everywhere. But perhaps very soon, we will have robots that will take care of charging our electric cars or even whole fleets of buses, like the ones presented by the Korean Moderntec.

Of course, robots have already taken place, particularly in the B2B market, as a service to businesses. That’s where we have a robot as anthropomorphic. The technology is distorted to the benefit of real machines that take advantage of sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence, and connectivity to make robots fully automated. As for John Deere’s X-Series, The Hive Controller self-driving suite can take honey from hives, half the time than humans, obviously regardless of bees’ presence.

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