TOP 15 Unusual Homes On Airbnb

Booking a temporary home on Airbnb is always a great experience because you know that you will meet new people and see new cultures. But it can be an exceptional experience if the home you rent is one of the top 15 unusual listed homes on Airbnb.

Seashell with geckos

Source: Airbnb

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico Price per day: $ 225 Villa in a quiet place by the ocean, on Isla Mujeres island, located just 5 km from the large tourist city of Cancun. Consists of two houses similar to shells. Every place has everything for a comfortable stay for all the building’s extravagance, including air conditioning and wi-fi. There are practically no right angles in this cheerful creation by the architect Eduardo Ocampo. All the lines run smoothly together. Not only do the buildings look like a shell, but the interiors also repeat the shell theme more than once. Isla Mujeres is just 7km long and 650m wide. Although it cannot be said that the house is located in a completely deserted place, some privacy is guaranteed for hotel guests. True, you will have to make friends for a while with the permanent inhabitants of the shell house – geckos.

Dugout for rent 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Monachil, Andalusia, Spain Price per day: $ 58 Since ancient times, the people of this region have lived in caves. This type of housing has survived here to this day. The hotel, consisting of two caves, is located in Monachil, an ancient Andalusian town with a calm and pleasant atmosphere at Sierra Nevada’s foot. Not far from Monachil is Granada with its magnificent Alhambra Palace. There is also a ski resort nearby, and the Mediterranean Sea is 30 km from the city. The cave house has all the facilities that modern people are used to and a terrace with a barbecue. The beautiful view of the town and the surrounding landscapes opens up. In summer, you can swim in the small shared pool next to the house.

Garbage House 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil Price per day: $ 59 Cabana Floripa is a hilltop home on Florianopolis Island designed by Uruguayan artist Jaime, who used various garbage collected in the area to build it. Old woods, bottles, ceramic tiles, mirror shards. As a result, the housing turned out to be light and airy. Bottles transparent in the sun create the illusion of open space. Cabana Floripa is located on the north coast of the island, next to the surfing beaches. The house has double and single beds, an extra bed in the attic, air conditioning, TV, internet, a comfortable kitchen, and a bathroom. View Airbnb Homes

Treehouse in Downtown Atlanta

Source: Airbnb

Location: Atlanta, USA Price per day: $ 350 The house-hotel is located practically in the center of Atlanta, in the depths of a large park. What could be better than falling asleep in the trees and waking up to the singing of birds around? And this is all within the city. The house consists of 3 separate rooms, connected by cable bridges. The rooms feature antique furniture, antique birdcages, electric lights, luxurious chandeliers … and balconies overlooking the lush green forest. If you want, you can even move the bed out into the fresh air, for even greater merging with nature. Another relaxation option is a hammock under a 150-year-old pine tree. Sometimes, however, the sounds of the city (siren or train whistle) penetrate here. Yet, much more often, the silence is broken only by the singing of birds, frogs, and the sound of the wind in the trees.

Bubble Under the Stars 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Durnazac, Limousine, France Price per night: $ 174 Want to spend an unforgettable and romantic night under the stars? Imagine an old oak tree on a hillside, a small green meadow nearby, and an enormous transparent dome that looks like a giant soap bubble with a bed inside, lying on which it is so comfortable to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature. Here, the city lights won’t stop you from seeing the myriad stars pouring into the sky shortly after sunset.

Above the Prairie 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Tiller, Oregon, USA Price per night: $ 125. Rebuilt from a watchtower for firefighters in the early 1900s, the home is 12 meters above the ground, on 160 acres of private land, not far from Nat. park Umpqua National Forest. The house has beds, a table, a wood-burning fireplace, a hammock, and a terrace with a beautiful view of the field and forest. Panoramic windows around the perimeter are very conducive to measured and contemplative relaxation: Have breakfast overlooking the hills in a blue haze. Spend the day in a hammock. In the evening, sit with a book by the fire.

You just need to properly stock up on food and fuel, as the nearest store is more than an hour’s drive from this place.

Kasbah or Moroccan castle 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Asni, Morocco Price per day: $ 223 High Atlas foothills, where the way of life has not changed for centuries, 1800 meters above sea level. Around only Berber villages, surrounded by walnut groves on the terracotta slopes of the mountains and the snowy peak of Jebel Toubkal (4165 meters) towering above them. Previously, the Casbah du Toubkal was the castle of the local feudal lord. Inaccessible, judging by the fact that it is impossible to drive up to the fortress by car even now. The nearest parking lot is located at the foot of the cliff on which the fort rises, from which to the entrance to the fortress another 15 minutes ride on a mule. Kasbah du Toubkal is located on the territory of the nat. Park, the current management of this authentic hotel, a Berber family, donates 5% of the tourist income to the local community’s needs. The main highlight of the Casbah du Toubkal is the stunning views combined with quirky Moroccan-style interiors to create the illusion of a trip back in time.

Cargo ship from the 30s 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Price per day: $ 105 Amsterdam is a canals city, so there are many houses on the water. In this case, it is a real cargo ship from the 1930s, completely refitted for a pleasant stay for relatively modern guests. It turns out that living on the water is not so difficult: the boat has heating, a full kitchen, a shower, and a double bed. All this fits neatly into the limited space and looks simple and cozy in Scandinavian interior design’s best traditions.

Home on an Airplane 

Source: Airbnb

Location: Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, Loire-Atlantique, France Price per day: $ 102 A converted airplane is another Airbnb feature. There are several such objects on the site, in different parts of the world. In this case, the airplane hotel is located just a couple of kilometers from the beaches of the Atlantic coast, on the outskirts of the town with the difficult name of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef. From May to September, guests of the mini-hotel can use the swimming pool. Suitable for families with children. The plane accommodated: a separate bedroom with a large bed, two single fold-out beds in the cabin, a small but fully functional kitchenette, a shower, and … a toilet in the co-pilot’s seat. The owner of the plane, Guillaume, appears to be a man with humor.

House on the Volcano

Source: Airbnb

Location: Hawaii, USA Close to the active volcano Kilauea, in the Hawaiian Volcanic National Park, right in the middle of a humid rain forest, there is another structure from the family of “tree houses”. You can get to the dwelling along the path in the forest. Inside the house, there are absolutely all the benefits of civilization: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a fireplace, a TV, a jacuzzi, and windows with designer stained-glass windows. On the second floor, there is a roofed terrace, from which it is convenient to watch exotic birds and the forest forever shrouded in a damp mist. Tucked deep in the woods among Hawaiian endemics growing on lava, this cozy home with beautifully crafted interiors was conceived to complement the Balinese wedding pavilion. So it is designed mainly for newlyweds spending their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Bird Island

Source: Airbnb

Location: Placencia, Belize A tiny private island in the Caribbean. It already sounds fabulous. Such a vacation in the style of Robinson Crusoe. Although, of course, there are buildings on the island. Moreover, since the island is called Bird, the decor uses bird motifs. But the main entertainment is still fantastic snorkeling around the island, kayaking, and a high of solitude.


Source: Airbnb

Location: Cottonwood, Idaho, USA. Spending the night inside a giant beagle is a bit of a crazy idea, but, nevertheless, housing is comfortable and not without a twist. Inside there are many figurines, images, and other material on the topic of dogs. The hotel is located in the countryside on the outskirts of Cottonwood, Idaho. Around only fields and mountains. A souvenir shop and a workshop of the owners of the hotel are located next to the house. You can choose a cute figurine of a dog carved from wood as a keepsake.

Hobbit house

Source: Airbnb

Location: Orondo, Washington, USA A real hobbit house! The cherished dream of all Tolkien fans. Without the internet, but there are a fireplace, a cozy bathroom, and stunning views from the round windows. A steep path leads to the house on the hillside, which can only be climbed on foot. In winter, everything is covered with snow. Without an all-wheel drive, you cannot drive close to housing. But, perhaps, this makes the house even more comfortable. The house is full of exciting design details that can be viewed for hours outside and inside.

Prairie Wagon

Source: Airbnb

Location: Page, Arizona, USA Spend the night in a covered wagon in the middle of the prairie, just like in the movies about the Wild West? In childhood, we could only dream of this! A dream can now be booked in one click … True, on the spot – no internet. Only the noise of grass and stars overhead … everything is authentic and environmentally friendly. Arizona, Navajo, sheep ranch. Only 7 trailers in a huge area. The farm is located next to Antelope Canyon and two hours from the Grand Canyon. Monument Valley and Marble Canyon are a short drive away, so this trailer is a convenient base for exploring local attractions. At least, he will definitely help to get into the spirit of wandering in the Wild West.

Residential Ski Jump

Source: Airbnb

Location: Oslo, Norway One of the most impressive Airbnb lots, unfortunately not available right now. But what an idea! The Holmenkollen springboard was built in 1892, near the capital of Norway. Many championships were held here, including jumping competitions as part of the Winter Olympic Games. At the highest point of the springboard, where athletes usually prepare for a jump, a furnished penthouse was equipped with huge floor-to-ceiling windows that offer one of Oslo’s best views, snow-capped mountains, and forest stretching beyond the horizon. There are 250 steps downstairs to the apartment, and the world’s first ski museum is on the ground floor.

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